How to become a house architect: study, diploma…?

Nowadays, many criteria are required to make a good architect worthy of the name. To be a good architect, you have to go through a great school of architecture and the qualities of an architect are many. The work of an architect must be impeccable, irreproachable and above all precise.

What does an architect do?

An architect's first job in a project is to draw up a feasibility study. Indeed, to define an architect, many terms are possible such as a designer, a creator, a director. He makes sure that the project program is drawn up and a sketch is designed in order to evaluate the cost of the project and to have a perspective view of the construction itself. These parameters and steps are learned during an architect's study and are applicable to any project. The architect's role is also to draw sketches and construction plans according to the client's preferences. An architect ensures the technical direction of the works while coordinating the work at the level of the workers.

Studies and training to become an architect

There are requirements for defining an architect. The boards determine that a five-year master's degree in architecture accredited by the Ministry of Education is required. Courses may include building systems and technology, project management, structural elements and environmental planning. The state requires that an architectural practice must integrate training programs and internships before being licensed. Internships generally last three years and allow architects to gain practical experience under the supervision of licensed architects. Training is divided into optional and core hours.

The obligations of architectural education

The main areas of experience for an Architect Definition are pre-design, design, project management and practice management. The study of an architect integrates a variety of topics, including schematic design, site and building analysis, zoning bylaws and contract negotiation. Architects must be licensed to practice. Because licensing requirements vary, completion of a licensing or master's program must be approved. Qualified candidates may write the Architect Registration Examination, which consists of a seven-part pass/fail test on topics related to site planning, building systems and construction documents.

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