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Unlocking Urban Comfort: Innovative Designs in Street Furniture

In today’s urban landscape, street furniture has become an integral part of the city’s design, including elements such as benches, bus shelters, public art installations, bike racks, and railings. These elements help define the character and cultural identity of a…

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What are the missions and objectives of a town planner?

The job of urban planner is a very important function due to the fact that his intervention aims to control the follow-up of regulations in relation to urbanization. Thus, it allows for example to deliver the town planning certificate or…

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What is the town planning department for?

The town planning and development department is the first representative of the public service dedicated to authorising and controlling renovations, but above all the construction of buildings and houses, linked to urbanisation. It is also the administrative authority for building…

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Why study architecture and urban planning?

The study of architecture and urban planning is a study that qualifies itself more generally on the organization of building projects in order to gain more interest for everyone in an artistic and ecological framework. The architect as well as…

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Calling on an architect specialising in the hotel and restaurant industry

To carry out a large-scale project such as the opening or renovation of a restaurant, it is essential to have the help of a professional. By calling on the services of an architect specialized in the hotel and restaurant industry,…

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Definition of a modular building and examples of uses

The modular building, thanks to its advantages in terms of economy and time saving, is attractive to companies. Indeed, this type of construction not only promotes the development of their activities, but also adapts to this evolution. How is this…

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Techniques used in the expertise of buildings following natural disasters

As we all know, the owners of buildings ravaged by natural disasters are compensated by insurance companies. Therefore, in order to be certain that the building has suffered the consequence of any natural disaster, different expertise techniques are required. You…

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Steps to start building your own home

The construction of his detached house is a large-scale project. Whether the house to be built is quite modest or daring, there are a number of essential steps that must be taken to ensure that the project is a success….

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