architectural project

What are the phases of an architectural project?

An architectural project typically goes through several phases, from initial feasibility studies and site selection through design, construction, and post-occupancy evaluation. The specific phases vary depending on the type and scale of the project, but usually include some combination of…

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Architectural firm

Architectural firm: its role during the construction of a building

Cap Antibes architecture company is a business organization registered, certified and licensed by the government to practice as an architecte legally. The construction process runs from the beginning to the end involving all types of architectural practices that require professional…

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metal roof

What are the advantages of a metal roof?

Metal Roofs have come a long way in recent times. In the past, people saw a metal roof as a good choice for a barn or shed. That opinion has completely changed as more people are turning to metal for…

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What are the professions and roles of an architect?

The field of architecture is becoming more and more complex. Indeed, architects are taking on more and more tasks and functions in the development of a project and must be versatile. And to be a good architect, one must be…

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How to draw a sketch in architecture?

Nowadays, drawing a sketch in architecture is no longer a difficulty. Indeed, there are several ways to succeed in drawing a sketch. In a few steps, drawing a sketch in architecture is no longer a mystery, just follow the steps…

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How to become a house architect: study, diploma…?

Nowadays, many criteria are required to make a good architect worthy of the name. To be a good architect, you have to go through a great school of architecture and the qualities of an architect are many. The work of…

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Project manager: a considerable asset

The project manager is an important link in the chain that leads to the successful completion of your construction or renovation project. His various missions increase the chances of success of the work. To help you understand the benefits of…

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Who to call upon for the design and realization of a professional building?

From a technical point of view, single-family houses, multi-family dwellings, commercial premises and industrial buildings do not have the same structure. The differences lie mainly in the design, electrical and plumbing installation. To put it simply, it is more expensive…

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Supplies for architects: buy a drawing board online

Architect or future designer, are you looking for a complete drawing board? You will find your work tool on the internet without being disappointed by its quality or its accessories. Drawing: an essential basis for a master builder Your building…

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How does a hinged movable partition work?

A partition, as the name suggests, is a separation in a living or office room. Its advantage is that it can be easily destroyed if the building is used for other purposes. Traditionally, this type of arrangement was made up…

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