Project manager: a considerable asset

The project manager is an important link in the chain that leads to the successful completion of your construction or renovation project. His various missions increase the chances of success of the work. To help you understand the benefits of using such an authorising officer, this article examines the issue.

A good technical analysis of your project

As the initiator of the construction project, you give the order! You are the project owner and you define your needs, the schedule and the budget for execution. But between the elaboration of the plan on paper and its realization there is a gap that can be filled with the help of the project manager !atixis project management As they say, he who goes far, spares his mount. So take care of your own, if you want your project to go far. But how? By getting someone to ride with you. The specialist will provide you with the necessary technical assistance. To this end, he rigorously analyzes the project beforehand and makes sure it complies with safety standards. He also conducts audits. Thanks to these technical checks, you will know your project from top to bottom: its strengths, its weaknesses... It's as if you were putting together the pieces of the puzzle of your construction thanks to the intervention of the project manager! The pieces fit together and give you a complete picture. In addition, the professional carries out feasibility studies. Intended to detail the risks, constraints and viability of your project, they can be done before issuing an invitation to tender. If necessary, it is up to you to choose the companies. But don't worry: even if you are the project owner, you will be advised. Just like a teacher's assistant correcting papers, the professional will help you identify competent companies!

Valuable help with administrative procedures

Conducting administrative procedures without a project manager can be difficult. In principle, they should lead to the acquisition of certain documents (building permit, declaration of works...) However, for the uninitiated, obtaining these documents is far from being a piece of cake! In addition, your project must comply with town planning rules, as you can learn on the Immoz blog. So many reasons to entrust your file to a professional. He or she will also help you with the drafting of the specifications. Normally, these specifications must be provided by the owner of the work. But its writing is complex and may fail to highlight the most subtle technical issues. Since these problems are the responsibility of a technician, the project manager is able to help you identify them.

Coordination of activities

It's a well-known fact: cement binds the bricks of a wall. In the same way, the professional creates a uniqueness between your expectations and the work carried out on the site. He also intervenes when disagreements arise between those involved in the construction. In the end, the building will correspond to the desires of the project owner. If you're busy, it can be difficult to keep track of the project's progress. Without follow-up, the project could flap its wings (delay or error in the execution of the work). In each of these situations, you are provided with real-time details. In addition, in accordance with the budget, it establishes comparative prices and selects the best quality/price ratios.

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