Single-family house construction: which style to choose?

A real estate construction project starts with the choice of the land. Once you have found the one on which you are going to build your new home, you need to define the architectural style of your new home. And you have a lot of choices in this regard. It will mainly depend on your tastes and your budget. However, depending on the region where you live, you will also need to find out about the local urban plan in order to comply with the regulations in force.

Choosing an aesthetic architectural style

You have an infinite number of choices for the architectural style of your home.  If you're looking to build a building with clean lines, you'll easily opt for a house with modern architecture.  This style is distinguished by the presence of large bay windows or glass openings. The main advantage of this type of construction is the possibility of shaping it at will. You can ask your architect to draw up a contemporary house plan that reflects your image. You can also choose a traditional architectural style. The large Victorian houses or those with neoclassical architecture are always popular. For these constructions, you will have to give preference to specific materials and shapes. But even in this case, there are still a lot of choices when it comes to ornaments. You will also be able to combine the aesthetic aspect of traditional buildings with the comfort of contemporary houses. Just ask your architect designer to design the house of your dreams, taking into account all your criteria.

Favour a functional architecture

Once you have defined the style of your new detached house, there are still some points to evaluate.  In particular, you will need to consider the functional side of your home. You will have to take into account the needs of each family member. Unless you have equipment installed to make it easier for them to move around, a two-storey house would not be suitable for people with reduced mobility, for example. A single-storey home will be more suitable for them. On the contrary, a two-storey structure would be perfect if you want to enjoy as many rooms as possible. A contemporary house can be personalized as you wish. It is therefore easier to make it functional.  In fact, this construction already meets the current energy requirements.  It should therefore allow you to limit your energy expenditure as much as possible. For a traditional-style building, it may be necessary to carry out additional energy work. This can be a small investment, but one that you will easily be able to recoup later. At the same time, the style of your detached house must also meet geographical requirements.  While you can build any construction on a flat site, this will not be the case on a sloping site or one that overlooks a cliff. You will have to choose a structure that is in harmony with the relief of your land.  Also take into account the extent of the earthworks to be carried out according to the style you have chosen.

Opt for a style that suits your budget

No matter what architectural style you aspire to, a contemporary home builder will be able to provide you with advice. He or she will help you draw up a plan that fits your budget, while respecting your aesthetic criteria. To build the house of your dreams, you may have to make concessions in terms of its size, number of rooms, comfort features, etc. However, you will be able to study all the possibilities with your architect designer in order to have a comfortable and stylish home that does not exceed the budget you have set. Before having a contemporary house plan drawn up, take the time to find out about the town planning rules applicable in your region from the town hall. They could also make your choice easier. These rules define the colours and appearance of the facades, the distances, the height of the building, etc. In addition to all these parameters, don't forget to take into account the ecological dimension of your new building. Always use environmentally friendly materials. The orientation of the house, the openings or the shape of your roof are also other elements to be studied in order to have a perfectly ecological house.

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