Turnkey wooden house: what price to expect?

Most wooden houses are classified as bioclimatic as well as being very economical and aesthetically pleasing. However, building a wooden house can be relatively expensive. It is necessary to evaluate the price of a turnkey wooden house before buying it.

What you need to know about the turnkey wooden house and its price

The turnkey wood frame house is the most widely used ecological construction in France. Its advantage lies in the fact that it is simple and quick to assemble. The timber frame house is based on vertical wooden posts which are spaced between 40 and 60 cm apart. The thickness of these is approximately 15 cm. A bracing is also to be made with dense wood panels to ensure the solidity of the whole. The timber frame house consists of prefabricated load-bearing elements. The wood frame is made up of wooden uprights and beams spaced very close together to give strength. The turnkey house is a construction that is immediately ready for use once built. The price of a wooden house can vary depending on the project. For some sellers, they offer a starting price starting from 1000€ including all taxes/m² of construction. This price does not include the masonry, the slab and crawl space, the foundation and the earthwork. Click on www.maisons-socopa.fr to find out more.

How to estimate the price of a turnkey wooden house?

Concerning the wooden house price, this price varies according to the type of heating, the design by a project manager and an architect, the interior layout, the presence of a crawl space and the choice of a floor or a bungalow. The surface area of the future building, the type of wood used and the price of the land must also be taken into account. A buyer can present his project to different architects and kit builders to receive a precise estimate. It seems that indicative prices vary according to the thickness of the wood, its species and the builder. Generally speaking, timber frame houses can be financed with bridging loans or conventional real estate loans. If the wooden house can benefit from the BBC label, other aids can be granted for its construction such as the eco-loan at zero interest rate and the sustainable development tax credit.

Criteria for defining the budget to be prepared

It is important to consider criteria to adopt in order to determine the overall investment amount for the wood frame house price. Sound and heat insulation, connections and the use of an architect, self-construction or purchase in kit form should be considered. The future owner must also take into account the number of storeys and the surface area of the house, the type of timber construction and the type of foundation in order to be able to determine the exact price. Before having your wooden house built, it is preferable to request several detailed estimates to receive a provisional budget. In general, a multi-storey house is more affordable than a bungalow since the ratio between the volume and the surface area of the siding is less important. Choosing a large bungalow is more expensive than a small multi-storey home. It is important to consider the number of stories. In addition, the interior design is also an important factor. The buyer can arrange his house according to his needs once he has the keys in his pocket. However, he has to make expenses once his house is finished. However, it is possible to call in an interior design specialist or to entrust the builder with this task. To accurately estimate the price of a turnkey wood-frame home, these factors should not be overlooked.

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