What are the professions and roles of an architect?

The field of architecture is becoming more and more complex. Indeed, architects are taking on more and more tasks and functions in the development of a project and must be versatile. And to be a good architect, one must be able to master several disciplines at the same time.

The roles of an architect

In architecture, the architect does not accomplish just one task. According to the training he receives, the architect must have the ability to be versatile and capable of performing several tasks. Ube of the qualities of an architect is to be creative, while being dynamic in multiple tasks. The architect is the one who draws the plans in a construction. His role is also to optimize the feasibility of a project in terms of needs and processes throughout the construction. In addition, the architect is in charge of dealing with construction requests, as well as filling out all the paperwork necessary for the construction. In terms of an architect's fees, it depends on the functions he occupies and the scope of the construction.

Qualifications required to be an architect

In the field of architecture, the professionalism of the architect is demanded and is a quality that should be automatic. An architect must first of all have a great sense of creativity. The architect's job is not limited to accomplishing and ensuring that infrastructures are in conformity, this job begins first of all with the creation of an original plan according to the idea of his client. Another quality required to be a good architect is the ability to reproduce any style at the client's request. The architect must also be versatile, especially on the construction site. The architect must also have a leadership quality to lead his team and to be effective on the site.

The architect workforce

This kind of architect is the most common type of architect on construction sites. This architect, as this name shows, is versatile. He does not limit himself to the creation of plans. In architecture, a good architect has gone through a renowned school. During his training, the architect learns all the fields of construction, and even the mastery of the work. At the end of the training, the architect is first assigned to the construction of new buildings or to the renovation of infrastructures or the rehabilitation of old buildings. In this type of construction, the architect's fees vary according to the construction and also according to the conditions of rehabilitation to be carried out.

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