Which style to choose for your home building project?

The desire to have your own home runs through your mind. You are more than ever ready to build the house of your dreams, the time is right. Many are the followers of traditional charms. Modern construction adopts the style of a contemporary house. You have a wide choice of styles to embellish your home.

Contemporary house: a sober and innovative architecture

With a luxurious prestige, the contemporary house plan materializes the innovation of residential real estate. The international or modern style is very trendy during the twentieth century. Nowadays, the contemporary style borrows recent architectural concepts. Contemporary construction is characterized by clean lines and a reduction in exterior embellishments. The layout can be rectangular or cubic. To enhance the aesthetics, the rounded and curved design is also feasible. The fronts are decorated with two-tone colours such as white and burgundy or neutral colours, sometimes white. This external design accentuates the sobriety of the house. Contemporary architecture uses high-performance and innovative processes. The modern construction uses ecological and solid materials. Indeed, wood and brick are better sound and heat insulators. In addition, natural stone, concrete, glass and metals are very practical to ensure the speed of the work. The combination of wood and stone provides an amazing result. Moreover, the construction can be built on a metal or wooden frame with brick or concrete walls, and with the large windows and bay windows, the contemporary house is distinguished by large openings. The current trend is for large and numerous windows. These include wall windows, panoramic windows, skylights and loopholes. These openings promote ventilation and access of sunlight. The separation between the interior and the exterior is thus reduced. This layout improves the energy productivity of the house. For greater comfort, the living spaces are optimized. The dining room, bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedrooms are spacious. The terrace and the roof are well built. In rainy or mountainous regions, the roof is not suggested because the flow of snow or rain is complicated.

Traditional house: with timeless charm and authenticity

Very popular locally, the traditional style has a timeless prestige. Rudimentary architecture has similar intrinsic values. With authenticity, these houses retain a charm of autan. The use of regional and classical building materials is favoured. This is the case of cinder block, brick or concrete. Aesthetics are in harmony with local customs. In symbiosis with the local style, the traditional house has a nostalgic and original design. Its value increases with time. To preserve its originality, no updating and modernization work is required. Each region has its own specific architectural style. Among others are the chalets that distinguish Savoy, the slate roofs of the Pyrenees, the bastides of Provence or the half-timbered houses of Alsace and Normandy. The design and the realization are carried out using local and usual processes or ancestral methods. Design time is reduced because the techniques used are well established. The construction is adapted to the local climate. Indeed, traditional houses remain irresistible to bad weather. By opting for a traditional style, the owner will have a spirit of belonging to the regional community. Building materials are available locally. Thus, the cost of construction is lower than that of a modern home. In addition, traditional architecture features a variety of designs. The villa with basement, multi-storey house, modular house or bungalow, so many layouts are feasible for traditional houses.

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