Who to call upon for the design and realization of a professional building?

From a technical point of view, single-family houses, multi-family dwellings, commercial premises and industrial buildings do not have the same structure. The differences lie mainly in the design, electrical and plumbing installation. To put it simply, it is more expensive to build an industrial-type building. But you still have to find the right company. Architect or building contractor? Autoentrepreneur or firm: which would be more advantageous? Here's a brief overview of the subject.

Architect and building contractor: what's the difference?

Architects and building contractors are both players in the construction industry. They work on real estate projects of all kinds and deal as much with individual houses as with industries. However, there is a certain dissimilarity between the two trades. Architects carry out various and varied tasks. Indeed, their services are not limited to the design of building plans. They also take in hand the follow-up of the building sites and the coordination of the work. Some go so far as to manage all building permit applications and the search for craftsmen. In a way, the architect acts as advisor, intermediary and supervisor. There are a large number of architectural firms specializing in the construction of industrial buildings. Building contractors, on the other hand, are responsible for carrying out all the construction work. In other words, they are more labour-oriented. They are also responsible for ensuring that the project runs smoothly from the beginning until the final acceptance of the building. Using a building contractor is bound to be cheaper than hiring a specialist firm. But lower cost does not necessarily mean lower quality. An independent contractor is perfectly capable of constructing an industrial building worthy of a major developer.

When to contact an architectural firm?

Would you like an overview of your industrial building project? Do you want the plans of your future factory to be perfect? Do you want to get rid of the various administrative formalities? The best alternative is to use the services of an architectural firm. Some of them also excel in project management, which will really make your job easier. The advantage with an architect is that he knows the current building standards at his fingertips. He also has a perfect knowledge of building materials. This way, you will benefit from a reliable and durable infrastructure.

The advantages of working with an independent industrial building contractor

The industrial building constructor has the advantage of offering affordable rates. However, it should be noted that the cost of the work depends on certain parameters, including the total surface area built, the quality of the materials, the cost of skilled labour, etc. As a general rule, a general building company brings together all the trades involved in construction, such as architects, engineers, workers, etc. You will no longer need to look for independent craftsmen since the builder already has his own team. By turning to a builder, you will have the guarantee of obtaining an operational industrial building. He will take care of everything, from the structural work to the finishing touches, including plumbing, tiling, electricity, painting...

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