Calling on an architect specialising in the hotel and restaurant industry

To carry out a large-scale project such as the opening or renovation of a restaurant, it is essential to have the help of a professional. By calling on the services of an architect specialized in the hotel and restaurant industry, many complex tasks will be taken care of by the expert. If you are still hesitating about the advantages of using the services of a specialist, the best thing to do is to find out more about all that he or she can bring to the project.

Why contact a CHR architect for your project?

Using the services of an architect CHR allows the accomplishment in the best conditions of a project of opening a restaurant. Many are the reasons which push not to miss the invaluable help that such a professional can bring: Study of your project at the first appointment, in particular to make a diagnosis before the real estate acquisition;
  • an indispensable accompaniment for the various renovation works;
  • an essential experience to anticipate every aspect of the development project;
  • his expertise will facilitate the choice of colours, materials, furniture and equipment;
  • to help his client to better project himself, the architect will propose the 3D design of the hotel or restaurant;
  • the professional will also put the client in touch with contractors and craftsmen who are both reliable and recognized as professionals in their field.
  • an architect will also use his knowledge of the building market to get the most affordable quotes.

Creation of interior ambiance with the support of a CHR architect

In addition to providing valuable assistance at every stage of the project, a CHR architect is also involved in the creation of interior ambience. From the installation of a professional restaurant kitchen to the choice of all the decoration elements, you can really count on the know-how and expertise of this professional. Indeed, he works closely with many other professionals to support his client. This makes it easier for the latter to study the layout of the restaurant's spaces. It must be said that the interior atmosphere depends on a good layout and excellent decoration. In addition, a CHR architect can be called in for the complete makeover of a restaurant or hotel to obtain the desired atmosphere.

Preparation for a HACCP audit

To establish a HACCP plan in order to be better prepared for a restaurant HACCP audit or an internal audit in the restaurant industry, the owner of a restaurant project can always ask for the support of an architect. The professional will provide advice on the kitchen plan and its annexes. Above all, the importance of this audit must not be forgotten if the establishment is to comply with regulations. This procedure aims to ensure that a restaurant is compliant internally. The HACCP plan can then be drawn up in advance to welcome the person in charge of the audit. For a restaurant in the middle of renovation work, the advice and recommendations of a hospital architect will be better able to direct the establishment towards compliance and help employees to comply with the audit. As a reminder, an architect can provide culinary advice because his knowledge is not at all limited and he knows people in this field.

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