What are the missions and objectives of a town planner?

The job of urban planner is a very important function due to the fact that his intervention aims to control the follow-up of regulations in relation to urbanization. Thus, it allows for example to deliver the town planning certificate or the building permit. He undertakes to monitor the construction work.

Town planner: Global definition

The town planner is the person who works in the town planning department. His or her work generally consists of intervening in the public adequacy in relation to a request for construction or renovation. His or her approach is called transversal, because he or she works in accordance with the various laws and regulations. Regulations on the protection of natural heritage, historical heritage, the Civil Code, etc. Among other things, it organizes and determines the spatial management of public and private space to prevent builders from violating the law on the construction of a building. Within the urban planning department, there may be several specialists, including: project manager, a regulatory urban planner, a study manager, a consultant, a cartographer, an economist, etc. The urban planner can intervene in several regulatory categories of construction, hence the fact that he must be more or less multidisciplinary.

Urban planners: programming missions

The urban planner must be highly organized and must be able to understand the socioeconomics of a given territory. For example, he or she may need to collect and analyze data. He also organizes programs for obtaining a building permit and a planning certificate. The planner takes into account different factors in his work: construction, health, environment, etc. Before processing the general statements of the applicants, he has to carry out assessments in accordance with the regulations. To do this, he carries out diagnoses according to precise protocols. He can participate in the assistance of local authorities that require interventions. It coordinates studies, draws up guidelines, organises tasks and ensures the smooth running of projects.

Urban planner: the missions of taking charge

Thus, the planner can take over many functions. He must advise and assist applicants for certificates and permits in the proper implementation of the construction according to the regulations in order to manage risks and the conformity of the construction. In an urbanization work, he can take charge of the global planning of activities and the elaboration of the budget for its realization. It can also develop guidelines if a community does not already have them.

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