What is the town planning department for?

The town planning and development department is the first representative of the public service dedicated to authorising and controlling renovations, but above all the construction of buildings and houses, linked to urbanisation. It is also the administrative authority for building works and also for the demolition of ruined buildings.

Town Planning Service: the enforcement of land rights

Land rights encompass all regulations applicable in a local area or throughout the country that refer to building construction. It implements all the provisions necessary to protect historical heritage and public property, but above all to control construction-related risks. Authorisation to construct a building is only granted after checks by the department. The common goods are put forward during the controls. The building permit is approached according to land rights. A certificate is obtained after the intervention of the department if the construction of the building actually follows the regulations. In addition to the planning certificate, the department also takes care of issuing planning and building permits. In order to obtain the certificate and permits in time, the files must be submitted on time. This can take one to several months depending on the infrastructure to be built. It can also take a long time if the development affects a protected area.

Town Planning Department: on the administration

In addition to the building permit, the department also takes care of the administrative compliance of buildings under construction, but also those under renovation. This is mainly the administrative police, which recalls and controls the building construction according to the building standards. It recalls the 2012 thermal regulations, the Environmental Noise Prevention Plans and the Intercommunal Advertising Regulations. The administrative service of town planning and development is long. The preliminary declarations have a processing time of 1 to 2 months. The building permit takes 2 to 5 months, the development permit takes 3 months, etc.

Town Planning Department: on other regulations

It also verifies the regulations relating to the Civil Code and the Building and Housing Code, which includes rules on building safety, hygiene and comfort. It also draws up reports on respect for the rights of third parties. That is to say, taking into account the comfort of the neighbourhood in relation to the constructions. After the conformity of the work, which results in a document called DAACT, the work can begin.

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