Why study architecture and urban planning?

The study of architecture and urban planning is a study that qualifies itself more generally on the organization of building projects in order to gain more interest for everyone in an artistic and ecological framework. The architect as well as the town planner also enforce the norms and regulations for safer construction.

Urban planning training: for the city

Previously the non-existence of urban planning in a city was never considered so important. But yet, the living sickness, the pollution, the bad waste management, the problems due to noise will push man to organize new infrastructure projects for everything in everyday life such as hospitals, schools and all kinds of public centers through urban planning. Urban planning training is involved in the implementation of the entire construction. Its importance is crucial for a growing city.

Urban planning training: for one person

To be an urban planner is to be someone who has many characters, that is to say, to have a capacity more than usual, versatile: it can be used for many things, the creative spirit: to have always good ideas, artistic: to create more attractive and surprising things, adheres to training of choice: to have chosen a good school to do these studies.

Urban planning training: the studies to follow

To follow the urban planning course, the choice of school is a very important step, because not only does adherence to this course require very specific qualities, but also patience, as the study is so long. First of all, for a university course, the important thing is to have a master's degree, because the bachelor's degree, which specializes in urban planning and architecture, does not yet exist. This is why you have to go on to another course such as a bachelor's degree in geography up to L3 or join an IUP, L2 or L3, which is a good key to a master's degree in urban planning. Then for a course in a school, the option of architecture is not so difficult to integrate, you simply have to enter one of the 20 schools of architecture, but other schools can also deliver professional diplomas that can help to continue the study of architecture. And as far as town planning is concerned, the non-existence of schools in this field leads to attending other studies such as planning, social and geography up to Master I and II, and that's all after that one will specialize in a Master's degree in town planning or directly from general engineers.

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