Deco DIY: how to make a wall decoration?

DIY stands for "Dot It Yourself". This philosophy radically revolutionizes the personalization of decorations in the home. Doing the wall decoration yourself is not difficult although it takes a bit more time and a little bit of imagination and a lot of creativity. Mirrors and frames are common examples.

Wall decoration: mirrors

Making your own wall mirrors is not a matter of course and can be done with very simple tools that you can buy in building and spare parts stores. In addition to being materials widely used in a house. Mirrors can also be a powerful tool for wall decoration. In bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. all spaces can be conventionally occupied by mirrors. In order to make DIY mirrors, you must first make sure you have the right materials. First of all, the mirrors must have more or less atypical shapes. Then, use glue to fix the mirrors to the walls. For safety rules, make sure that the wall is not damp. Place the glue on the stops and contours. Now place the mirrors so as to create a well-arranged whole. The room decoration is finished.

Wall decoration: the coloured posters

In addition to the possibilities, coloured posters are also an example of room decorations that are very easy to make, yet offer a certain charm to the walls. To create the posters from simple cardboard. In order to present the poster well, it will be necessary to find a support that can highlight it. To do this, buy simple frames without glass to place the poster. To make the poster stick perfectly in the frame, glue the poster to a cardboard box. It is best to use tissue paper to make the poster. The poster is printed in professional printers. No need to make a huge impression, print a few touching and motivating words for the whole family.

Wall decoration: frames

Photo frames are typical wall decorations. To personalize family photos in a DIY way, you should make the frames and supports for the photos yourself. To do this, use boards and pieces of wood to make the frame. It is also possible to use glass as a support. The wood can easily be coloured with acrylic or varnish to give the best aspects of the decoration.

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