What is the role of an interior designer?

You're not born a designer, you become one. Training to be a designer is very difficult, contrary to what one might think. Especially because it involves a lot of imagination, but also a lot of work. Their interventions and actions allow them to give new life to furniture and interior decoration.

Design decoration: Preliminary

Before creating an interior design, the designer must first talk to his clients. To know the styles and preferences of a family or the people who make it up. Already at this stage, the designer will have preliminary ideas about the vision of his clients in accordance with what he also wants to do. A designer must always be surprising in his work. In addition, he can establish plans for renovations and arrangements. The arrangements he puts in place must allow for increased space, the use of new furniture, etc. Thus, a visit to the premises is always appropriate. The new interior design can only begin after thinking and imagining the new shape of the house.

Decoration design: Proposal of the work

Once the first visit has been made, the designer makes the plans he wishes to make for the interior design. This can lead to real changes and improvements in the client's home. In order to avoid that the owners are shocked by his vision, he has to argue certain points of his plan. Similarly, he must have several options to propose to the owner to make choices. This will allow them to intervene in the decoration and avoid problems of unsatisfactory changes. During the elaboration of the plan, the designer also carries out the selection of the materials that will be used, and in which he makes the budget of his work. The interior designer also makes a 3D plan in which he realizes the detailed plan of the change he wishes to make.

Decoration design: Project management

Once presented and validated by the owners, we go directly to the work. Depending on the client's wishes, the work can be done with or without them in the house. During this last stage, the designer controls the building site and orders the masons and workers. He may also need a sub-contractor to carry out major work. According to the law, any type of building with a maximum surface area of 300 m2 and a maximum of two floors can be renovated by an interior designer.

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