Find experts in garden design and maintenance

The experts in the development and maintenance of green spaces deal with the creation, development and maintenance of gardens. The landscape gardener works for companies, individuals and local authorities. These gardening companies carry out several services such as: reforestation, pruning, interior landscaping, roof and terrace greening, installation of automatic watering systems and lighting.

Tips for finding garden landscaping experts

Easily contact a gardening company by requesting a free online quote. This approach also makes it possible to compare the different rates of specialists in the development of green spaces. By taking the time to look for professionals, you can find out about experienced, well-equipped companies with the necessary know-how to carry out various missions. To save time in the transformation of your yard, it is recommended to contact a landscaping agency located near your home. The maintenance of green spaces is not limited to planting, the specialists take care of creating a pleasant living space by adding a number of accessories. These can include adding garden furniture, a bench and garden lighting. Giving a unique atmosphere by adding decorative elements: garden arch, gazebos, statues, garden gnomes, trellis ...

Different types of garden that a landscaping company can create

The landscaped garden is a garden designed in a comprehensive and harmonious manner. This type of arrangement integrates different spaces corresponding to the client's desire and taste. When designing a landscape garden, 3 garden plans must be drawn: the basic plan, the creation plan and the planting plan. To obtain a personalised and free quote, simply contact a company specialised in garden maintenance. There are a few main categories of garden. They allow you to find the necessary inspiration for the maintenance of green spaces by taking into account the characteristics of the land, the desires of the client and the time needed to complete the work. The advantage of the formal garden is that this type of arrangement, which has been very fashionable since the 17th century, is still very popular today. This style of garden has strict geometrical shapes. The maintenance elegantly surrounds a classic residence. The English garden is characterised by winding paths and abundant vegetation. The English garden work carried out by the gardening company evokes natural landscapes that can inspire painters. As for the Japanese garden, these models of design are both minimalist and imbued with calm and serenity. With the Mediterranean garden, one benefits from a magnificent courtyard adapted to the South of France. This garden is also adapted to dry and stony land in the north. The priest's garden and the exotic garden are also 2 exceptional types of gardens.

Entrust the garden design to professionals

Whether it is a question of creating, fitting out or maintaining a sloping garden, city garden, small garden... it is recommended to entrust the work to a landscaping company. The gardening companies have a team capable of creating the ideal courtyard. Garden maintenance involves combining trees and adding materials while playing with different colours and shapes. The gardening company specialises in enclosing and planting work. Depending on the work to be done, the company takes care of the framing by seeding, veneering, hydroseeding. The specialists in the maintenance of green spaces also offer a service of landscape masonry. The company carries out all types of exterior work, ensuring harmonious integration with the garden's vegetation. The landscaping masonry and fencing works take care of structuring and organizing the path by also conferring the charm and originality of the works such as the creation of terraces, natural stones, low walls, paving, walkways, laying of borders, stairs... The garden creation company also carries out the realization of composite wood works such as terraces, pontoons, palisades, pergolas, railings, sight-screens, support.

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